About Us

Who We Are

We are Ian and Jo, film makers by day, vloggers- also by day.
Both of us have had a lot of experience in making films for other people, but we turned our hand to vlogging because we wanted to make films about things that we like in our own way.

Our lives

The house we live in is mostly in ruins, but we get to live in a small, but habitable, part of it.
Because of the unique nature of this house it attracts a lot of wildlife, provides us with space to film, and edit, and is a spring board to a lot of stunning locations, both in England and Wales.

As a result we have decided to make films about our little piece of the world. Eventually we want to travel further afield, exploring the countryside across the UK, and then… the world!

What we do

The films we produce cover a variety of things, from picnics in the countryside, to explainer videos, and checking out waterfalls. When the mood strikes us we will also make silly videos, or films about unboxing things.

We come at vlogging from a film makers perspective, so we try to make our end films as polished as possible, whilst maintaining the spirit of the vlog.
Although some of our films will follow us as we travel through the country side, we will also be making more polished films about other topics.