On Finding the Right Content

Life has been a bit of a blur this week.

I couldn’t say what we’ve been up to, but I know we have done some things because there is video evidence.  Sometimes it’s handy to have this blog just to remind ourselves of what we’ve achieved; especially when we feel like we haven’t done all the things we thought we ought.

We made it to four films this week.

Hopefully, this is because we’re getting into the swing of things. I guess we’ll find out in the coming weeks whether we are or not.

We just need one more video a week to reach our goal of five days. 

We’ve already had hard lessons on the length of our videos.

We need to capitalise our time so that we can make the films we want to make, and make them of a quality that we’re happy with. We love to do the exploring videos, but we now know that our videos can’t all be exploring ones; because the turnaround is so slow.

We feel the creation of the vlog type videos not only capitalises on our strengths as presenters but also allows you to get to know us better. It also enables us to spend more time creating the longer videos, because with the vlogs the biggest time consumers are the script writing and set up time.

As such our videos this week have been a mixture of vlogs, with a longer one about our plans for our home. We will no doubt be playing around with the scheduling of things as we go along until we find a structure that suits.

We know that we want Tuesdays to remain Tattle and Tea. As for the rest of the week, it is so far in flux.

Tattle and Tea – My Tea collection.

This is the second of the Tattle and Tea vlogs.

Beautiful Waterfalls of Talybont (Part Two) 

There is one more just waterfalls video to go up of this series.

Ian Rants About our Bathroom Habits

This is the second of the rants videos, and I believe it came about after a conversation on the internet, as these things often do.

Our DIY to-do list in our 16th Century Home

There were a lot of moving pieces in this film, and it took a while to get our footage together to be able to make this film. But here it is at last- the video that will launch our DIY series. 

These videos won’t be scheduled to start with, because it depends on the project as to how long it will take to film, edit, and upload.


Ian is currently working on a new shirt design. It should be ready by at least this time next week- touch wood, or whatever lucky gesture is needed to make sure all things go well.

I am still deciding whether to make “The Boy is out of Tea” shirts or “The Man is out of Tea.” It’s a hard decision to make. 

What say you?

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