Chocolate & Pear Tart (Frangipane)- How to Make From Scratch.

How to Make A Pear Tart

This relaxing little video montage is about how to make a Chocolate and Pear Tart (Frangipane) with shortcrust pastry, from scratch.

I show the methods of how to do the baking, without speaking. There is text to show you the amounts, and what to do. There is also music to go with the lovely food imagery.

This a good video to watch if you just like baking videos, or you actually want to make the thing.
The instructions included in the video are summarised at the end.


Bonus pastry tip: Make sure handle the dough as infrequently as possible. Also try to make sure your hands are cool and not clammy. If you have warm or clammy hands run your hands under the cold tap before working the pastry and make sure you dry them first.

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