This Week- On Pembrey Beach and Getting There

Here in Wales it’s just starting to hint that Autumn, or Fall for our American friends, will soon be upon us.  The leaves aren’t quite turning brown yet, but there are plenty of fruit ripening on the brambles and in the ancient fruit trees in the meadow, and the weather has started to feel just a bit cooler.  We’ve even had the heating on a couple of times when the rain has made it feel just a bit nippy. 

Behind the scenes

This week went by soo quickly. Over the weekend we were busy beavering, making and editing films, and pretty much the same in the weekday. I went round the garden filming bits of the house outside that are in dire need of doing stuff.  I have still yet to film the interior.

Pembrey Beach was absolutely beautiful, very windy though. The water was lovely and warm and we paddled all the way to the ship wreck before the jellyfish started to come in and we decided to go inland. Probably the best bet because our clothes were soaked by that point, and the wind dried them out nicely. The jellyfish ranged in size from tiddly wee to OMG! 

We ‘almost’ made it to five days of films this week.

It fell apart on Wednesday. We were uploading our latest waterfalls film for Waterfall Wednesday, but we were filming at Pembrey Beach, so weren’t at home to notice that the upload had frozen.

So Wednesday went by without its prerequisite waterfalls film. It will instead be going live this Wednesday coming. And then on Thursday the Beach vlog didn’t get edited as fast as we’d hoped and the filming for one of our upcoming projects is taking longer than planned. But we are getting ‘there’ wherever ‘there’ is. We managed to get four films up this week, and that’s one day closer to our five films a week goal!

From now on we intend to:

Put up a Tattle and Tea on Tuesdays. For the next couple of weeks we will have Waterfalls on Wednesdays; but the weather and our time will depend on how frequently we can make Wednesdays our waterfall days. 

Thursdays and Fridays are free for either DIY projects, little snippets about castles etc. and things like that.

This Weeks Films have been:

Come with me if you want to live- Rant

Tattle and Tea- the Origin of Me

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Pembrey Beach – Mini Countryman Road Trip


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