Relaxing Compilation of Talybont’s Waterfalls- Part one

5 mins and 30 seconds of some of the stunning and relaxing waterfalls at Talybont in Wales.

We had a request for a video of just waterfalls doing their thing without any interruptions from us; so we grabbed some of our footage and put it together into this little sequence. 

These waterfalls show both large and small waterfalls, and contain ribbon falls, cascades, and pretty river shots. These are the best waterfalls from our vlog Exploring the Talybont Waterfalls- Episode Two, and are shown in there entirety in this montage here. 

These waterfalls are in Talybont. Talybont is nestled in the Brecon Beacons national park, near Talbont on Usk. 

Talybont on usk is a pretty little village in which a canal runs through. We have created a film about it, which you can see here.

It has some utterly stunning scenery. We highly recommend you take a look.

Talybont has many waterfalls, and we intend to see as many of them as possible in a series of walks. We intend to make the waterfalls a frequent event, and you can see them on Wednesdays. We are still working up to five days a week of filming, and we hope that we can make our waterfalls films a weekly occurrence, although they are a lot of work, so there will no doubt be weeks without waterfalls.



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