This Week on Something Voggy (ep3)

This week didn’t exactly go to plan.

We managed to get two videos up, we have so far been managing three a week. But what with paperwork, general life, and the amount of time that it takes to put together our waterfalls film, that just didn’t happen this week.

Ian Sings to Megan the Bunny

The first video, which was Ian singing to Megan, is a regular occurrence, and so Ian decided we might as well film it.

¬†It took a while for Ian to get his feet desensitised to Megan’s grooming before he could play a whole song without being tickled and having to stop.

 Talybont Waterfalls Part 3

The waterfalls video on the other hand, was a whole different ball game. We took so much footage that it took a few days just to go through it.

It was such a stunning walk that we got carried away with the filming. As a result it set us back with the other films we wanted to make.

The Plan

We have decided that since the waterfalls are such a massive undertaking, not only in filming, but in editing, we will try to aim for one a month instead of one a week for the time being.

This means that we can create more content during the week, and once we have a stockpile to fall back on we can get to creating more waterfalls without the fear of falling behind. As much as we love making our waterfall films, as it stands it’s taking up too much of our creative time.


The other thing that we managed to create this week was a new addition to our Merchandise range.

Waterfall Seekers is a phrase that although we haven’t used in our films, I feel aptly pertains to us.

They are available in mens and women’s sizes, and are on mugs and things- you can get yours HERE

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