This week on Something Vloggy (Ep 2)

What We’ve Been up to

This week has been busy for us behind the scenes, we didn’t get any filming done, but luckily we had a backlog from the previous weeks filming adventures.

So if we weren’t running our socks off filming, what were we doing?

Well, first things first, this website.:

The Website

It doesn’t take much to choose a theme, but it does take a lot of work to get it looking and behaving as we like it. It has been Jo’s pleasure to craft this magnificence you see before you.


We have also set up shop on Spreadshirt, where we are selling designs that are covered in the funny phrases that fall out of our mouths on film.
We have plans for a few more as we type, and I’m assuming time will fall into our laps so we can design them.

¬†Setting up Spreadshirt was easy enough, it’s very user friendly, and now it’s really easy to embed the shop on our website. What was slightly trickier was the paperwork aspect. Because we’re in the UK and they are based in Germany, paperwork needs to be done. Some paperwork still needs to be done, but there you have it.

Setting up affiliate links on Amazon.

Not intuitive at all.

There is now something called one link. One link allows you to have your link go to the right countries page on Amazon- but you need to sign up for Amazon US, (and Canada as an optional extra).

You then need to put code into your website to get it to work.

Now I need to find out some information as to whether or not I need to fill in our tax info for Amazon US and Canada. Our response from Amazon has been a resounding “I don’t know, please ask someone else”.

Thanks Amazon!


That being said we’ve managed to edit and put up three videos this week-

Talybont on Usk- A Lovely Welsh Village

Lawn Mowing 2- Attack of the Lawn

Exploring Beachley Peninsula 

So as you can see, we’ve been up to our eyeballs in it this week, and spent most of Friday eating biscuits and watching Dr Who reruns in order to unwind- Because this weekend I shall be editing the waterfalls that we filmed the week before last.

How did your week go? Let us know in the comments below.


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