Why We’re on YouTube (ep1)

We are starting a number of new things this week.

The most noticeable of which is this brand new, and shiny website, the other being this blog.

We decided that this was the best way for us to not only hold ourselves accountable, but also as a way to look back on how far we’ve come. We also thought it would be a good way of letting you guys know what we’ve been up to.

Since this is the first one let’s play a bit of catch up.

We started Something Vloggy at the beginning of this year as a way to allow ourselves to keep filming when all other avenues were crumbling.

We love to film, and it turns out we love to film for YouTube the most.

It means we can film what we want, how we want to, and for as long as we want, with no-one looking over our shoulders.

We have been very much finding our feet with the vlogging style, as it’s very different from other things we’ve filmed.

However we have learned a lot from our industry and so we had a head start.

On this website you can see all our videos, blogs, our kit list, and a page that tells you how you can support your favourite creators, amongst which we hope we’ll fit.

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